Rosebank - Industry Pioneer

With the introduction of the now legendary Stackhat helmet in the early 1980's, Rosebank established itself as Australia's leading manufacturer of bicycle and multi-sports helmets. Today, the company continues to set new standards in the design, development and production of sports helmets for local and international markets.

Located on the outskirts of Melbourne, in the suburb of Hallam, the company's Head Office houses a state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly plant.

The helmet liner moulding equipment, fabricated in Germany, utilises one of the most technologically advanced processes available in the word today. This technology positions Rosebank at the forefront of helmet research, design, development and manufacturing.

With an on-site, certified testing laboratory, the company ensures its products adhere to stringent quality and safety standards. Using such advanced technology and testing facilities, consumers can be confident that Rosebank products are of world class quality.

Rosebank - Our history


The company "Rosebank Plastics" is registered by John Rose. Name formed by Rose and Bank (the two financiers). The company initially operated as a custom injection moulding business. It moulded products for the automotive industry and for general consumer products (eg. Buckets). John quickly realised that the operation was heavily dependent on external businesses, so he decided to investigate the possibility of manufacturing products Rosebank could sell & market of their own accord.


Rosebank Products is registered


John & Jenny Rose purchase the incomplete helmet tooling from CIG and set about finishing the tool. CIG were tooling this design as a multi-Sport helmet - John and Jenny re-developed the tool to adapt the helmet to cycling by ensuring that the design met the new AS 2063 Australian pedal cycle standard. John named and registered his new helmet "Stackhat". At this stage, the cycling helmet market was 'untapped'.

Dec 1982

First batches of Stackhat produced and sold to Independent Bike Dealers throughout Australia


Stackhat introduced into Safeway Stores


Stackhat introduced in K Mart, Target and Big W . Rosebank was the world wide pioneer of this product category into Mass Merchant Retailers.


Rosebank receives the Design Award for Product Excellence and design from the Industrial Design Council of Australia for the 'Stackhat'. The most successful Australian manufactured helmet of all time with nearly 2 million helmets sold. Rosebank is the first Australian cycling helmet manufacturer to win this award.


Joint taskforce established to determine feasibility of the compulsory helmet use for cyclists in Victoria. Rosebank Stackhat TV commercial - World's first bicycle helmet TV ad.


Compulsory helmet use implemented in Victoria is a World's first. Many new competitors enter helmet business


Resistance to Penetration test is removed from the Australian Standard Rosebank introduce "Microlite" (19/09/1990). Microlite was the first "Microshell" helmet.


Rosebank 'Challenger' introduced to the market (08/01/1991). This was Rosebank's first soft-shell (lycra covered) helmet.


Rosebank Products purchased by Pacific Dunlop Services and expertise of John & Jenny Rose retained


Pacific Dunlop invests over $0.5M in E.P.S moulding plane for Rosebank to manufacture its own helmets liners. Rosebank moves into Fusion Integrated Technology (In Shell moulding) with the release of it's first in-shell helmet 'Predator' .

Logo Design Rosebank commissioned a marketing company to develop the current logo. The O represents the shape of a helmet


Rosebank manufactures under the ISO9002 Quality System disciplines. The general requirements of AS/NZS 2063 (for which Rosebank is officially certified) are automatically controlled by the wider system controls contained in the International Quality System Standard. Through this, Rosebank manufactures under 'worlds best practice' disciplines.

Vacuum Forming Machine EPS moulding machine Thermo forming machine Steam generation plant Silos Rosebank's Vacuum Forming Machine operating automatically

Rosebank's new "state-of-the-art" E.P.S. moulding machine is one of the most technologically advanced manufacturing processes available in the world today, putting the company at the forefront of helmet research, design, development and manufacturing.

Formed helmet tops feeding from the thermo-forming machine.

Steam generation plant for controlling steam used within the EPS moulding process.

Silos store pre-expanded bead for essential curing prior to liner moulding and production.